Snowy Days
Plowing in Lexington

Street Department

The mission of the Lexington Street Department is to maintain the Village’s highways, streets, alleys and storm drainage systems so that they are consistently safe and continue to function to meet the transportation needs of Village residents and visitors.

The Street Department utilizes a pavement management system to monitor current pavement conditions, project future maintenance and resurfacing needs, and to prepare cost estimates for this work.  Most of the pavements in the Village’s street system are less than ten years old and the overall rating of our street system is very good.

Duties of the Street Department also include many non-pavement related tasks such as pavement markings and sign maintenance, roadside mowing, a collection in the spring of items that can be chipped, and leaf collection in the fall.  During winter months, a great deal of time is devoted to snow and ice removal operations.

Maintenance of an extensive system of storm drains and catch basins, open drainage channels and stormwater detention facilities also require considerable time and effort.  The Street Department is in the early stages of developing an accurate system map of our storm sewer system to comply with future EPA requirements for storm water discharge permits.

The use of salt and other de-icing materials is monitored closely so that the minimal amount of material needed to accomplish the task is applied.  Stockpiles of salt are stored under roof at the Village garage so that the salt is not allowed to leak into the soil or run-off to cause stream degradation.  Streets are swept several times each year to minimize the amount of solids and other debris that are washed off our streets and find their way to local streams and rivers via our storm sewer system.