Whether you are planning a week-long vacation or just a few days out of town, the Lexington Police department wants to know.  We offer residents of the village a Vacation House Watch program.  Simply fill out a one page form advising of your trip dates and other basic information, and officers will check your house while you are away to ensure it is safe and secure.  Even if you have a residential alarm system, it is to your benefit to use this free service.

To start your house watch, you can stop by the police station 24 hours a day to fill out a form.  We will soon be offering the form here in PDF format for you to download, print, fill out, and drop off at the station.  In the future, we hope to be able to allow forms to be emailed back to the police department for your convenience.  Currently, for your security, we ask that you stop and fill out a form in person.

While you are away, it is important to take a few precautions.  The following are some tips on keeping your home safe while you are away:

Stop mail and newspaper delivery, or have a trusted friend/neighbor/relative pick it up daily.

If you will be away for an extended period of time, find someone to mow your lawn.

Use timers for lights, televisions, and radios.

Disable and lock your garage doors from the inside.

Have a trusted friend/neighbor/relative stop by every few days to make sure the house looks as if someone is stil there.  Have them water plants/grass, mow, open and close curtains, etc to make the house looked "lived in".

Following these few safety tips will help keep your house safe while you are relaxing on vacation.