History of Senior Citizen Center


Dr. Milton Shaffer and his wife, Janice, were instrumental in coordinating the efforts along with the Village of Lexington to renovate the old Lexington depot.  The original train depot was built in the early 1900’s. By the 1980’s, the trains stopped rolling through town. The depot building stood relatively silent except for occasional use by small groups and service organizations.  The hustle and bustle of the era appeared to dwindle away until July of 1988 when the renovation of the building began. Along with it came the dream of making it a center for members of the senior community. The Lexington Senior Civic Center (LSCC) remains today what it started out as years ago…

It started with an abandoned building that had been condemned and a vision.  In a span of two years, $320,000.00 and countless work hours by dedicated volunteers, the Lexington Senior Civic Center emerged as a dynamic service and social organization that has served the citizens of the southern half of Richland County for over 15 years.

A common misconception is that the Lexington Senior Civic Center is just for the residents of Lexington.  All our other programs and services are open to everyone.  “We welcome kids 55 and better from all over.”  Better yet, there are no membership fees. Please remember, the Center is a not-for-profit and although we attempt to make everything available for everyone, we do run into limited quantities at times (most with our trips and tours; we can only offer one bus).  Please consider this when inquiring about our services.  

Because the LSCC is a non-profit agency, it relies heavily on the generous financial support of local businesses and individual benefactors as well as our fund raisers and hall rentals.  We also benefit greatly from and need more volunteers to help prepare meals, social activities, rummage sale, and assist with special events. 

The Lexington Senior Civic Center is a dream come true for many people.  It is our hope that you and a friend can come visit us, whether it’s just to look around or to have a great meal.  Don’t forget to call us if you have any questions regarding health care, senior living, or want to get a new Golden Buckeye Card.  The LSCC takes pride in providing services that are helpful for your everyday needs.  It is our passion and our history.  Come be a part of it!


Director:  Brenda Wilson:  419-884-7283 or bwilson@lexingtonohio.us