Quick Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Village of Lexington.  Please browse the rest of our website if you do not find your answer here.

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 Senior Civic Center

The Lexington Senior/Civic Center (a.k.a. - Depot) is available for rentals for your next event.  A $100.00 (separate) deposit fee is required to hold the day and show of intent. The deposit is returned to the renter following the event.

Rental fees for residents of the Village is $40.00 an hour or $250.00 for all day rental.

Rental fees for non-residents of the Village is $50.00 an hour and $350.00 for all day rental.

The Center holds approximately 100 people for your event is and very close to the bike trail which will lead you to the Community Parks in less than a five minute walk.  It is handicapped accessible and the parking lot is very large.  Stop by and visit weekdays 9:am till 4:pm to see all that it has to offer.  Thank you, in advance, for considering renting the Senior Center for your event.  The Senior Center is a not-for-profit entity and your rentals help all our events and day to day operations.  Call Brenda at 419-884-0765 ext 8 for available dates. Or email Brenda.  



 Fence Permit

You must fill out a fence permit before installing a fence on your property.

Fence permit can be downloaded from this site or fill out directly at the Village Hall.

It is $10.00 for a fence permit.

You must install the fence at least two (2) feet from property lot line unless the fence is a common fence agreed to by both adjoining landowners and both parties sign an agreement permitting the location of the fence to be on the lot line and agreeing to mutually maintain the fence on their side.

You may install only side and back yards.  No front yard fences.

You can install ornamental fences, chain-link fences, privacy fences, and swimming pool fences.

The maximum height of a fence is six (6) foot except chain link fences which can only be four (4) foot in height unless surrounding a pool which allows six (6) foot.

Call 419-884-0765 or email for more information.


The Village of Lexington is run by Mayor/Council/Administration -- under the rules of the Charter (created 1976).


You must mow your grass when it exceeds six (6) inches.  You cannot blow mowed grass into the roads of the Village; this escalates to sewer and storm drain issues.

If you own an empty lot you must mow your property three (3) times a year.  Before June 1st, before July 15th, and before September 1st.

 Pavilion & Cabin Rentals

Pavilion rental @ $100.00 per day.

Cabin rentals @ $100.00 per day.

Both units require a $100.00 deposit (returned after the event) separate from the rental fee.  This deposit holds the date for you and will be used for any damages under $100.00.  The renter is responsible for all other damage over $100.00.

Call 419-884-0765 extension #6 to rent the pavilion or cabin located at Community Park.  Or email for questions and reservations.

 Public Records Act

Access to information regarding the Village of Lexington, including but not limited to committee meetings, ordinances, etc. can be requested from public records manager Brenda Wilson at 419-884-7272 or email at bwilson@lexingtonohio.us.

Records request concerning the conduct of people's business is a right of every person in this state.

Village of Lexington Public Records Act Village of Lexington Public Records Act

 Pool Fences

Any pools over 30 inches in depth require a fence surrounding the yard.

You must have a fence permit before installing a fence.

Questions call 419-884-0765 or email


The Village of Lexington's approximate population count is 4,500.

The next census count will be held in 2010.


Maximum size for storage barn (shed) before requiring a permit is 144 square feet.

Anything larger than 144 square feet requires a building permit obtained online or at Village Hall.