Village Planning Commission

The Planning Commission Committee consists of the Mayor, two (2) members of Council to be appointed by a majority vote of the Council to serve during their current term on Council, and four (4) electors of the Village to be appointed by the Mayor to serve overlapping six (6) year terms of office, and to serve without compensation.

The Planning Commission Committee performs those duties provided by the village Charter and by the law of Ohio with respect to zoning, planning and platting of lands and such further duties as are assigned to it by ordinance or resolution, provided that the final decision on all matters before the Planning Commission shall be made by Council.  In the event of a conflict between state law and an ordinance or resolution of this Village, the ordinance or resolution shall prevail.   In the absence of an ordinance or resolution, state law shall apply except to the extent it is inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter.

Members of Village Planning Commission:

Chairman - Mark Reisdorf

Members -   Christina Thompson 
                    Mayor White
                    Councilman Kim Little

                    Tom Schonauer

                     Bob Matney
                     Council President Bob Jarvis

Mark Reisdorf serves as Chairman of Village Planning Commission.

Kim Little and Robert Jarvis are Council members who served on the Village Planning Commission.


Mayor White and AndrewSmallstey, Village Administrator also serve on Village Planning Commission and can be reached at 419-884-0765 [ext. 1 or 0] or stop by Village Hall Monday through Fridays from 8:00 till 4:00 at 44 West Main Street.