Members of the Lexington Police Department - courtesy of


As mentioned in the mission statement, the Lexington Police Department currently employs 15 full-time personnel, 15 part-time personnel, and an auxiliary unit that supplements coverage as needed.  Part-time personnel are used to cover vacancies such as vacations, sick leave, training, and other leave of absences created by full-time employees.  Our entire roster is listed below, starting with the command/administrative staff, followed by an alphabetical list of all personnel.  Also listed is the current rank of each member, as well as their date of hire with our department.

       Name - Rank                                               Hired

Weaver,Troy J. - Chief of Police                         06/21/1999

Neuenschwander,C. Brett - Lieutenant              05/25/2004

Beasley,Michael J. - Sergeant                           03/17/2000

Ash,Lori A. - Communications                            07/19/1990

Anderson,James - Patrolman

Beck,Christina D. - Patrolman                        02/20/2008

Brant,Justin T. - PT Patrolman                            01/26/2000

Copeland, Brad - PT Patrolman

Dankovic,Frances E. - PT Communications   10/02/1989

Davis,Michael J. - Patrolman                             04/11/2006

Fagan,Rachel M. - Clerk of Court/PT Communications                   09/27/2005

Frazee, Tondalea - Communications

Glennon,Chris - Patrolman/School Resource Officer

Krauss, Aleesha - Communications

Loyer,Valerie M. - PT Communications        04/07/2011

Little,Andy J. - Patrolman                                  04/05/1999

Lowe,Reggie E. - Aux. Patrolman                       05/17/2010

Parsons,Mindy T. - PT Patrol/Communications 10/02/2007

Peters, Joe - PT Patrolman

Popp,Stanley W. - Aux. Sergeant                      08/06/1985

Riggleman,Ryan - Patrolman

Robinson,Debra A. - Communications              01/08/2009

Sherman,Philip - Patrolman

Silliman, Allie R. -  Communications           08/18/2012           

Tommelleo,Louis M. - PT Patrolman                08/15/1994

Van Wagner-Ault, Cindy - Communications